Among the materials we use and recycle are:

  • Cardboard - Boxes for reuse and boxes to be compacted.
  • Plastics - (ABS, PVC, HDPE (injection), HDPE (extrusion), PET, LDPE, EVA, PS, PC, Polypro ... etc.)
  • Metals - (iron, aluminum, copper, bronze and brass)
  • Glass - Soda Bottles
  • Twine / Yarn - of local textiles
  • Pallets - wood materials
  • Bags - for re packing

These materials are sold both in bales and as resin or grind material. We give services in free zones and businesses nationwide. We are a company that is focused on post-industrial materials and not post-consumer or landfills.


Equipment used in Alliance

  • We have 10 industrial grinders that can grind about 15,000 pounds of material per day.
  • We have (3) compacting machines for packing materials based on high and low density. In addition we compact PET bottles and bales of cardboard for final transport abroad.
  • We have (4) trucks and containers to service different zones and companies in the country.
  • We have (1) tractor (Patan) for the movement of over 15 containers that we have located in different companies and industrial zones.

Alliance S.A.
Your Environmental Protection Partner

We have contracts with our customers and clients, we provide a full service to our clients were we collect the waste or material to be recycle at the clients site with our own staff in various companies requesting our service.

Let our employees collect and segregate the materials at your business site, remember that we are the best option in the management of disposables waste.